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The Battle

When there is small hope, when all seems stacked against you, that is the time unknown and unexpected reserves will appear. They may be your family, your allies, your friends. They may come from a breath of wind in the spring. Folks in far places may surprise you. You are not alone. We are with you.


You must fight on. The underminers, the overbearers, the forces of negativity will never win. You are stronger, your dreams a silver lining. Tornadoes of fear, whirlwinds of passive-aggression, whispers of untruth cannot touch what is right and good. It is there, shining like a rock in the sun. It is there, you must believe.


Keep reaching and preaching the truth. With your fellow banner-bearers you must hold up the standard. Though you bleed from the scourging, or are shred by the cannon-fire, each drop of that blood is a drop of honor, of truth, of the future. Never give up, never say die. You will fall exhausted each night, and you will know: I did what is right. For others, for the future, for the children.


And that is why we are here.


Blessings to you all. Fight on.

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