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The Blind Men and their Elephant 2.0

I’ve been meeting Business 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Government 2.0, and in each case partisans explain that their particular function is driving the transformation.
Business 2.0 is Finance! Enterprise 2.0 is Architecture! And Government 2.0 is Information Technology! came from a moneychanger, a sheetrocker, and some guy from a hobby shop.
This 2.0 thing is about getting customers better results, which then follows it is about allowing the person working with the customer to do better work, which upstreams to better measuring what and how to do.
Sometimes it could be about funding, or shelter, or toys, but if they are, it’s peripheral.
The next time you get some new, loud and demanding 2.0, check to see how the customer benefits. If it’s not immediately obvious, it’s probably not the real deal.
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Dannielle Blumenthal

This is a pretty accurate summary. If I had to apply it to government:

Government 2.0 = transparency = better results for the taxpayer.

Government 3.0 = employee empowerment = because employees drive results generally.

Government 4.0 = measuring accurately where the greatest ROI is for all these efforts and then adjusting accordingly. (This is no small thing – I was at a Deloitte forum recently where Carmen Medina* basically said – with respect to social media – we know what to do, just not how to do it exactly.)

*If you are not familiar with Ms. Medina here is her impressive bio from Deloitte: “former Director of the Center for the Study of Intelligence and the senior leader at the Central Intelligence Agency who gave the green light to Intellipedia, a social collaboration tool for intelligence analysis.” (I have to say, she struck me as absolutely brilliant.)

Dick Davies

Wow! Thanks Dannielle!

I saw Intelliwiki when it was first launching, paradigm-changing use of the tools.

I saw a definition that Web 1.0 was the broadcast websites, Web 2.0 was the conversational sites, and Web 3.0 is when we repurpose data from the web (make more out of the comments).

Would that put your observations as enhancements to G 2.0?

Not how to do it exactly? The story I heard about the original Intelliwiki was that it was started by a programmer who wanted to learn how to use any one social app. He had the prototype up in three weeks, and as a mainframe guy, was astounded by that speed. The reluctance comes from the hordes of JAFOs who have deputized themselves to offer critiques and opinions to sit around a table for free coffee and donuts.

I heard another program this week summarized as 5% innovation and 95% promotion. First time I’d heard that.

…and thank you fer commentin’!