The Center For Reinventing Government

Several years ago I started my first blog Buffalo Ideas, while serving as Chief of Staff to the Buffalo Common Council. After I left the Common Council I moved my blog to Paul Wolf Ideas.

Through my 17 years of local government employment I have experienced first hand the good, bad and the ugly of how government and politics operate. In a new effort I am in the process of forming a non-profit organization called the Center For Reinventing Government. You can check out the new web site where I will now blog from at www.reinventinggov.org.

The definition of reinvent is to make over completely or replace with an entirely new version, which is what I believe needs to be done with government today.

The Mission of the Center For Reinventing Government is to:

1- Act as a catalyst for creativity in government;

2- Improve the performance of government by making it more ethical, efficient and effective;

3- Encourage public participation, collaboration and accountability through transparency and citizen access to information;

4- Support new management models of engaging and empowering employees as their involvement is critical to reinventing government;

5- Inspire bold leaders to challenge the status quo!

I welcome any comments or suggestions folks may have regarding the Mission of the Center and the web site.


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