The Crippling Effect of Over Thinking. Everything.

Part of my regular reading includes posts written by Matt Cheuvront. He’s the founder of Proofbranding based out of Nashville. Matt has a blog, Life Without Pants, and also writes on You’ll likely see me reference some of his posts here on #govlife.

He recently wrote a new piece recently called The Crippling Effect of Over-thinking. Everything. Erin also explored this theme recently in her recent post The Truth About Creativity.

In his post Matt talks about taking so much time thinking about things that we don’t end up doing much. We spend a large amount of time thinking and as a consequence we tend to avoid the “try” “experiment” and even the “fail” part. As he notes, “Intention is absolutely nothing without action.”

Any one who knows me will attest to the fact that I’m a “thinker”, look no further than my Myers Briggs profile of INTJ for proof. But I’m trying to do more experimenting, this blog is living proof of that.

Hope you are willing to take some chances too. Pretty sure you will be glad you did.

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