The Cyber Espionage Documentary I Believe Every American Should Watch

CNBC is running a new documentary on the cyber espionage threat. It runs several times over the next few days and I would strongly encourage you to watch it. I also encourage you to tell everyone you know to watch it.

If you are an IT professional or involved in the cybersecurity community, or even if you have just been keeping up with the news, there will not be any surprises for you in this documentary. To people exposed to the threat this is actually an elementary examination.

But the problem of cyber espionage is so significant and widespread I am convinced we need to raise the awareness of all our citizens if we are going to really cause positive change on this problem set. Which is why I would strongly recommend that everyone in the country watch this piece. This is not just an IT or cybersecurity issue.

Here is more from the site for the documentary:

Government officials are calling it the biggest threat to America’s economic security. Cyber spies hacking into U.S. corporations’ computer networks are stealing valuable trade secrets, intellectual property data and confidential business strategies. The biggest aggressor? China. CNBC’s David Faber investigates this new wave of espionage, which experts say amounts to the largest transfer of wealth ever seen – draining America of its competitive advantage and its economic edge. Unless corporate America wakes up and builds an adequate defense strategy, experts say it may be too late.

Here is a preview:

Check your local listings and watch this one, and, more importantly, let everyone you know who is not in the IT community know about this. David Faber does a great job speaking in plain english about topics that can get very complex. He does a great job at that. This is a great way to raise broad awareness of a significant threat. And till we raise broad awareness of this threat we should not expect significant action to be taken so please ask people to watch this sooner vice later.

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