The decline of WiFi on transit

The increased use of smartphones and tablet computers has reduced the need for WiFi on public transit vehicles. Instead of expanding their wireless systems, transit operators are focusing on providing cellular coverage — at least those with underground systems. GeekWire writes that the availability of WiFi on transit has decreased in the Seattle (WA) area, saying that neither King County Metro Transit nor Sound Transit plans to expand its wireless coverage. San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (CA) is another agency that seems to have transitioned from WiFi to cellular coverage and has made agreements with major carriers. Amtrak, on the other hand, has adopted a WiFi model and announced plans to expand service to some 450 rail cars. Link to full story in GeekWire.

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Alicia Mazzara

I’m taking a trip on Amtrak soon and was pretty excited to see that they had added wifi service on the route since the last time I’d traveled. I think it makes sense to have wifi available for longer trips where a customer might want to set up their computer and get some work done.

James E. Evans, MISM, CSM

I do like the WIFI on Amtrak. It’s great from quick jaunts from STL to CHI. The claim is that WIFI is available on Megabus, but it doesn’t really work here.