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t’s the summer and you may be wondering what to do. In yesterday’s post, showed you how a developer had created a heat map of where to park when you’re on your bike. We know there’s much more to do in Kent than cycling, so today we’re releasing the API here to all the events and activities on “What’s on in Kent“.

What's On in Kent Home Page

What’s an API?

For those of you who don’t know what an API is, this blog has a very good explanation: “An Application Programming Interface (API) relates to the tasks and tools programmers use to build software applications.”

What data on activities and events is there?

Food & Drink

Below are the different ways you can use the API:

Returns event search listings to see everything!

Returns single event details if there’s a particular activity you’re looking for

Returns a list of all live amenities if there’s a particular venue you want to see what events it’s hosting

Returns a list of all live categories to see what type of events there are

Returns a list of all live districts/areas to see where events are taking place

Returns a list of all live user groupings

Returns a list of all live events happening today at a particular Group ID if you want to find out what’s on now!

Returns a list of all live events happening today at a particular Venue ID if you dont’ want to travel too far!

What's On in Canterbury

What could you do with the data?

With all this information on over 1000 events and activities across Kent, what could you do with the data? Create an app so people can see where to go based on where they are? Mashing up activity data and traffic conditions (see Traffic on the dropdown here or there)? Or exploring the relationship between where people are happiest (@delibthinks) and what activities they like doing? Or maybe link getting involved in activities with getting fit and healthy like this competition (@usdagov)?

In relation to competitions, have a look at the one we’re planning here, let us know what you think.

Tell us what you’ve produced using this events API and we’ll showcase the best here!

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