The Door is Open: Marching Strongly Equipped with Toolbelt in Hand!

I cannot believe I made it.  It was truly a long time coming.  It has indeed, however, paid off well!  No need for romancing the past.  No bias for what should have happened and what did not. I will optimize my past and propel myself for now.  I am taking exactly all I will need in my 2nd Act, contained in my Toolbelt!  Get behind me Satan!  I can touch the door to my newness. It is without failure or regret that I enter yet another dynamic of life, an elevated comfort level.  At home with nature, Alice in Wanderland!

As I recollect over the tools in my toolbelt, each tool magically adjusts my future direction endured from my past.  It was my stalwart personality that befitted me, in that I was able to chart my 41-plus years of service as one draws the lines in the sky from point to point to silhouette a star.  Undoubtedly, I bet on myself, and a new star now shines!  I see this bright future as a force on my life in beneficial ways.  How I now can create a better place and space for my Second Act.  Visually navigating my new reality, how do I get at my Second Act with what is bursting from my professional stockpile?  Definitively, not the same path as 41-plus years ago.  Reach, Inspire, Inform!

Strengthening My Legacy

Let the past provide wisdom and power for my future. When does this new enterprise form? My personal investment in “creating the collected home” takes shape now, full-scale, approaching my Second Act.  Looking back over the last four decades, I pat myself on the back!  I bring forth the vintage, collected and inherited blessings that inspire me to embrace the stars that lead my path forward.  I move at the sound of a beat.  I am popping my fingers with joy and confidence. Witnessing every positive and negative influence that I have felt over time does not cloud my vision. I encourage all to do similar.

Aspire to reach your full utopia, then change gears and direction.  Don’t forget to build your vision board so you can chart your own destinies.  I have adopted an economic balance where money is not my driver.  I collect and connect people to my life, long-lasting.  I treasure the legacy around my family, friends and network.  I am in a new place now. I name my legacy “This Great Place!”

In closing, I personally thank you for the hours spent reading my words, thoughts, emotions, ideas and ideals.  I ask that you now, all listen closely to the wind, for my song!


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