The End of the 2013 Fellowship

Today we wrap up the 2013 Fellowship year at Code for America. Over the past two weeks, we have transitioned apps, transitioned partner relationships, and celebrated accomplishments. We have reflected on the year, on the program and on the lasting impacts that the Fellows have had on local government. Now it is time to say a huge thank you to our local government leaders — all of whom welcomed Code for America into their Cities and Counties — and to the Fellows that dedicated a year of their life to tackle some of this country’s most pressing challenges.

This year has been one of growth and transformation at Code for America, and as such, the 2013 Fellowship class had to work extra hard. The challenges that they faced this year were bigger, more complex, and in some cases, seemed unsolvable; yet, they persevered. The Fellows built applications that allow government to be more open, efficient, and responsive, while reinventing the relationship between citizens and government.

Together, the Fellowship teams built applications that addressed a variety of civic challenges. Some of the applications are:

In addition to building applications, every team helped catalyze systemic change in the governments they served in, including:

  • Helping City partners build new skill sets.
  • Launching new policies and reforming old ones.
  • Opening datasets.
  • Catalyzing the community.
  • Deploying existing technologies into local government.
  • Setting the stage for new government structures that foster civic innovation.
  • And demonstrating to government new ways of leveraging technology that can help save governments money and drive civic engagement.

While we have already seen significant impacts of the work done this year, the benefits are just beginning and will continue to be realized for many years to come. As CfA Staff say a bittersweet goodbye to this year’s Fellows, and as the Fellows begin the next chapter in their lives, we are excited to welcome them and their government partners into a growing and strong network of Alumni — an amazing group of movers and shakers, dreamers and doers, that are out there making our communities better.

Thank you 2013 Fellows

Alan Williams, Andrew Hyder, Andy Hull, Anselm Bradford, Ariel Kennan, CJ Bryan, Cris Cristina, Dan Avery, Dave Guarino, Doneliza Joaquin, Ezra Spier,, Jacob Solomon, Katie Lewis, Laura Meixell, Lindsay Ballant, Lou Huang, Marc K. Hébert, Marcin Wichary, Moncef Belyamani, Rebecca Ackerman, Reed Duecy Gibbs, Richa Agarwal, Ryan Closner, Shaunak Kashyap, Sheila Dugan, Sophia Parafina, and Tamara Manik-Perlman.

Thank you 2013 Government Partners

Kansas City, New York, South Bend, San Francisco, Louisville, Oakland, Las Vegas, San Mateo County, and Summit County.

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