The Federal Coach: Teamwork in Decline at Federal Agencies

Individual initiative and effort can make a big difference in government, but I regularly hear from federal leaders that the best results often come from collaboration and teamwork.

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Debbie Eschmann

This is so right on!!!! The tips are outstanding…….I hope every agency has someone at the top that can start this ball rolling. The last administration worked hard to create “King Lears” and moved all the “fools” aside.

A Fool and Proud of It

Avatar photo Bill Brantley

Great article! Your analogy of King Lear and the Fool is even more telling when one considers what happened to the daughter (Cordelia) who was truthful with King Lear and was banished from the kingdom for her honesty. This speaks to the need for managers to create an environment of trust where employees can speak their mind without fear of reprisal.

Henry Brown

a reply from a manager upon reading this article “this too shall pass” which IMO is the biggest obstacle to implementing teamwork in Federal Agencies… Supervisors, at all levels, are going to have to learn how to trust input from team members and not until that trust is in place will teamwork improve.