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The Final Hoop – Almost through Hoop 3

I’ve been quite slammed as of late. Teaching 7 classes and trying to write a dissertation keeps one a bit busy. In addition, I’ve gone on the job market. It makes me sad to think of leaving such a wonderful place, but it’s exciting to see what comes next. I have two options for my career – I can work in emergency management, possibly going home to Alabama or to southern Mississippi, or I can look for tenure track assistant professor positions. Both are incredible options and I think I will go with the one that presents itself at the right time. To go home to Alabama would be a dream, but finding a place where I can help students with their career is a fabulous option also. My friend Anne said the biggest problem I’m going to have is trying to decide which of the job offers I accept. We call her the swami because she is psychic and anything and everything she has predicted in the past seven years of knowing her have come true. I hope she is right this time and I hope the decision is clear.

I though of the blog this morning and how I haven’t written when my very good friend Kenna slipped a card under my door. I have never been given a more perfect card. The woman on the front is in a full body leotard, totally significant because of my history of gymnastics, and has about 20 hula hoops around her – the first one is almost over her head. (Sometimes, that’s just how I feel.)

If you’d like to review my vita/resume, please visit: http://msstate.academia.edu/StaceyMann

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