The Foreign Office – new feeds for developers

More travel news feeds, this time they come ready-filtered

In August, I blogged about trying to get developers to use our information feeds to plug into their own sites and applications as a way of helping us to broaden the spread of some of our core information. It’s very much the case that accurate and timely travel advice is one of the key functions of the Foreign Office, and one of the key drivers of our web presence, so the further we can spread this information, the better we’re doing our jobs.

We already had the existing travel advice feed but we also launched some new fields:


Travel News

Travel Advice Index

And I asked what you though. Well, what you thought was that filtering would be handy. You wanted feeds that would work for individual countries. You want it? You’ve got it…

So, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, here’s the list of individual feeds, country by country

Take from there what you want – and let me know what works and what doesn’t.

As before, we want to know what you find useful, and what that use is, so:

• Tell us who you are and show off what you have done with the feeds. We want to better understand the
demand, and also try and showcase the good stuff with links to the best uses of this information. And if we alter the feeds significantly, it means we can tell you directly.

• We recognise there may be discrepancies in the data, tell us what you think is wrong.

• If you need the data format tweaked or cleaned-up to make it easier to reuse, tell us what you need and we’ll see what’s possible

All that we ask is that you help us with these aims by leaving comments on this blog or by emailing us at
[email protected], and that you observe some, pretty basic key ‘principles for reuse’:

• Maintain the brand of the data. Attribute this data to ‘FCO’ with a link back to our site, because the
authority of the source is important

• Do not edit or misrepresent this information

• Do not sell it without adding value to it

See what you can do.

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