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Why RSS is Essential for Government Transparency

Enabling your audience to subscribe to information is a key part of any transparency plan. RSS is a modern subscription tool that’s often under-utilized in government. All agencies should have their content pages equipped with it help people stay aware and engaged in the issues that matter most to them. Hear a Granicus expert discussRead… Read more »

A call to arms to developers: How far can you take our travel advice?

Providing accurate and timely travel advice is one of the key functions of the Foreign Office, and one of the key drivers of our web presence. Our Travel and living abroad section provides background notes for travellers on every country in the world, including timely alerts of the implications of all sorts of issues whichRead… Read more »

How-To: Use, Yahoo! Pipes, & Twitterfeed for RSS to social media aggregation

Recently, last week in fact, I wrote a little how-to on setting up a combined RSS feed using the free services of Yahoo! Pipes. You’ll recall I went step by step on how to take four different RSS feeds from different blogs and multiple contributor/comments to push them into one single RSS feed containing onlyRead… Read more »

How-To: Use Yahoo Pipes to pull multiple websites (or RSS feeds) into one usable RSS Feed

I thought this to be a fitting post for all of the geeky ones here on GovLoop and was originally written for So you’re a prolific blogger of many things Coast Guard, social media, and other things- and an avid commenter all over the internet. You’re clearly one who gets around voicing your opinionsRead… Read more »

Introducing ‘lifestream’: UK MP’s website breaks new ground

LibDem MP Lynne Featherstone is the party’s lead on web stuff and so she should be – she’s had a blog since 2003 and has fed it practically everyday since. Lynne even credits her election victory to her strong online presence and use of it as an organising tool. When she came to updating herRead… Read more »

Follow UK public sector bloggers in one place

Just completed a mass update to the Public Sector Bloggers website and feed which was initiated by Dave Briggs and tidied up by Steph Gray. I used those signed up to @PubSecBloggers as well as my egov links in my blog‘s right column, which now needs an overhaul as a lot of sites/blogs are effectivelyRead… Read more »