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The Hokie Guru, GovLoop’s Bureacurat on Sports, Entertainment, and Whatever Else is Important in the World – News and Notes

Hola, GovLoopers… it’s been a while since the Hokie Guru’s presence graced GovLoop.. and please don’t talk or write in the passive voice like that… only trained bloggers can do that!! 🙂

Hey, let’s step back… into 1989…

Man, if you had long hair between 1989 and 1992, any major record label signed you to you contract… good times.

So what’s up? Well, lotsa things, baby… the Hokie Guru’s parents came out to Washington, DC to clean the Guru’s condo attend the Frozen Four (more on that below) and the Guru’s been a busy guy lately… in two weeks, the Guru meets the qualifcation standards required to transition to the GS-511 Auditor Series. One class and a final test… and that’s it… the Hokie Guru would need to take four more accounting classes if he wanted to sit for the Certified Public Accounting examination in the State of Virginia, but he doesn’t see his path there yet. After, all he has no second chance to entertain you. Only Time Will Tell:

Asia, including Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer, and John Wetton,was never given the credit it deserved for being a supergroup… reunion tour to come this summer.

But you can never get enough of the Guru:

C’mon feel the noize!!

Frozen Four

Darth Vader won the Frozen Four, as predicted by the Hokie Guru. Heartbreak Hotel for the Miami University Redhawks… the Hokie Guru was at the Phone Booth with his dad and two former Department of Education colleagues rooting on Govloop’s Redhawks, but it was not to be.

Oh, and Matt Dalton, Bemidji State University goalie, signed with the Boston Bruins, showing that the little guy can win… that’s why we love this country.

Under-18 World Hockey Championships – Fargo, ND

Can you say our country rocks? The United States beat Canada in the semfinal AND Russia in the title game in the SAME weekend in Fargo, North Dakota to win the Under-18 World Hockey Championships in Fargo, ND. Our country, ahem, rocks. These guys better get a White House visit.

Spring College Football

The Ohio State University sets a record; approximately 96K attended the Buckeye spring football game. Incredible… Buckeye fans are amazing.

The Virginia Tech Hokies won their spring game (lol).

National Hockey League Playoffs

The Hokie Guru will stay brief here… Washington, DC has not had a winner in any professional sport in a long, long time… that, we hope, is about to change… the Washington Capitals take on the New York Rangers tomorrow in Game 6 in New York City at Madison Square Garden, the most famous arena in the world. Rangers coach, John Tortorella, was suspended for one game because he squirted a fan with water and threw a water bottle into the stands, hitting a fan in the Phone Booth. Very nice, John John. Please come back to Washington, DC to take your punishment. We will make sure the phone (the fan noize) doesn’t stop ringing in your head.

National Basketball Association Playoffs

The Hokei Guru will be equally brief here… the Hokie Guru likes the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers to make it to the National Basketball Association finals… and we might see Lebron get his first title… but it will be a heckuva series between the Lakers and Cavs (sorry, Boston fans… no Kevin Garnett, no finals appearance).

National Football League Draft

A few words about the National Football League Draft. Matthew Stafford is about to own the state of Michigan with his new contract. And the Guru is actually half-way serious about this… there are cars that are more expensive than some of the houses for sale in Michigan… public officials are walking away from their mortgages… life is pretty tough in Detroit right now… here’s hoping Matthew Stafford brings some light to that city.

Steal of the draft… the lucky Cincy Bengals… getting University of Southern California linebacker Rey Maualuga in the 2nd round, pick #38… amazing that he was available.

National Basketball Assocation Early Draft Entrants

The National Basketball Assocation Early Draft Entrants are right here. Notables include Gerald Henderson of Duke, Dejuan Blair of Pittsburgh, and Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson both from North Carolina. Some of the early entrants have not signed with an agent and can drop out in early June of they don’t like where they are projected in the draft.

Who’s on Twitter

Welcome to Twitter, Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari and Indiana head men’s basketball coach Tom Crean (the Hokie Guru’s most underrated men’s basketball coach in the nation).

Have a great week!!

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Heartbreak hotel on Miami Redhawks. Don’t even get me started. I like Calipari at Kentucky. Wonder if Memphis will survive. I hope the whole big east leaves – USF has a big man now so the tide is a turning.