The Ideal Professional Network

How do you know what a good professional “network” looks like?
Is it the quality of information sharing?
Is it the professional connections you can make?
Is it the personal connections you can make?
Is it the access you have to new opportunities?
Is it the ability to add a line to your resume?

YGL has over 1800 members, yet our “network” means different things to each of them. Some enjoy coming to our professional development events, like the one we recently had in January on TSP or the one coming up on resume writing. Others like socializing at our Third Thursdays Happy Hours (like the one tonight at Eyebar!). Others prefer to use our LinkedIn network to contact colleagues and build their virtual network. And others are content to just scan our newsletters and not join us on the town, in the seminar room, or on the web.

I understand a “good network” means different things to different people, but there must be some common elements of a “good network” that make it valuable. What are they? And what does it take to get someone to step out from behind the computer and reinforce their virtual network with face-to-face connections?

Respond to this blog or come network with us tonight (Feb 19) at Eyebar. We’ll be there at 6pm!

*This blog was originally posted at YGL’s Blog Site.

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