Mars Rover Tweeter Shares Her Experience with Using Social Media to Promote Gov. 2.0

How can Social Media transform government? What role does Social Media play in achieving government transparency? A panel of experts recently met in Mountain View, California to discuss ways Social Media can change federal and local government. The discussion centered around various strategies and the participants shared their experiences of current Social Media usage in government. This discussion also reviewed some of the challenges and obstacles facing widespread adoption of Social Media.

Some of the participants included:

* Ariel Waldman – former Independent consultant for NASA;
* David Canepa – City Councilman in Daly City;
* Evan Ratliff – writer for Wired Magazine; and,
* Veronica McGregor – Manages the Mars/Rovers Twitter account

The event was moderated by J.J. Toothman, a Web Strategist at Stanford University.

You can find a video of the discussion here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/smc-sfsv

At the bottom of the page click on the first photo under Video Clips. This photo currently looks like an empty room. The other photos show Social Media Club Founder Chris Heuer. The discussion immediately looks at the importance of using social media to create a feedback loop. It’s an interesting discussion on the current adaptation of social media to promote government programs and results measurement.

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Anne Laurent

SOrry, the sound is weak and the picture is blocked by a rabbit ears ad that I simply cannot get to go away. Wish it would have worked as I am fascinated by the rover and lander Twitters.