The Impact of Health IT and What it Means for You

“Oh yeah, I totally understand the health care system and the role that I, as well as doctors, nurses and other medical staff interact on my behalf” – No One.

Let’s face it, the health care system hasn’t been something that any of us would call easy to understand or even a comfortable experience. Between the paperwork, frustrated staff (and under-staffed facilities) and health-related jargon, it all sometimes becomes a maze. Oftentimes sounding like the teacher from Charlie Brown’s crew – even for health professionals!

Fortunately for us, some smart and passionate people are working to improve all of this through technology. Specifically, the team over at are making strides to simply the system, creating less stress for workers and patients alike. I caught wind of an awesome new animated video that put out through my friends/colleagues Dr. Ted Eytan and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, which explains how technology is being put to use for everyone’s benefit in health care. This weaves perfectly into the great infographic that the Institute of Medicine recently came out with explaining what is possible for the future of health care.

What do you all think of the video? Easy to understand and informative?

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