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“The Importance of Public Service” – by Kyle Robisch


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It did not take me very long
after arriving at the University of Florida to realize that I wanted to
dedicate my career to public service. To me, public service is more than
just a resume line or something you do occasionally on a Saturday
afternoon-it is what I want to do with my life. I believe that I am the
most qualified candidate for this scholarship because I not only already
have a strong record of public service outside of the classroom, but my
dedication to serving others permeates everything I do.
My goal is to attain a law degree from Georgetown so that I can be an
attorney for the Central Intelligence Agency or the Department of
Homeland Security. To ensure that I can actually achieve this career
goal, I have already completed two federal internships. I worked for the
Region 7 Headquarters of the Environmental Protection Agency, in the
Office of the Science Policy Advisor. I also interned for the Department
of Homeland Security Headquarters in Washington D.C. last summer, in
Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Office of International Affairs.
During the school year, I work to help other students apply for federal
internships and full-time jobs, as a Federal Service Student Ambassador
with the non-profit Partnership for Public Service.
My work experience is not the only aspect of my life that I center
around public service. I am heavily involved in service activities on my
campus and in my local community. I founded and am president of a
student organization that donates extra food from campus eateries to the
largest homeless shelter/food pantry in Gainesville. It doesn’t stop
there, as I also serve as president of the UF Speech and Debate Team and
am a nationally ranked policy debater. As a Student Senator, I
represented the largest college at the University of Florida and I still
maintain a connection to my home state of Kansas as Chairman of the
Kansas Youth Advisory Council to the US Public Service Academy. In the
latter position I have had opinion-editorials published in newspapers
such as the Kansas City Star and featured on CBS National News’ website
and I also personally secured co-sponsorships of House Resolution 2102
(The US Public Service Academy Act) from two of Kansas’ US
Even my educational experiences and objectives revolve around public
service. I am pursuing a minor in public leadership from the Bob Graham
Center for Public Service at UF, as well as a certificate in public
affairs from the UF Department of Political Science. The Bob Graham
Center also named me one of only two Policy Scholars, whereby I received
a grant to conduct public service oriented research over the next two
Although I am sure there are many qualified candidates for the
CampusGov/GovLoop Scholarship, I believe I am the most qualified because
my ethic of public service goes beyond just an internship or service
project. My educational, career and extracurricular goals and
experiences all have one common thread-a commitment to public service.

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m robisch

#8…”The Importance of Public Service” – by Kyle Robisch gets my vote! Although still a student, Kyle is already a public servant who does more than talk the talk. So many, many people have been fortunate to have Kyle impact their lives in a plethora of positive ways! Using the “leftovers” from one of the largest public universities in the country, perfectly good food that was being tossed into a landfill daily, to feed countless men, women and children….public service personified! Good luck, Kyle!

Nathan Shawbitz

Kyle Robisch is one of the most inspiring students on my campus; this essay speaks novels about his dedication to his fellow Americans. He hands down has my vote!

becky bishop

You get my vote Kyle. I hope your enthusiasm and drive spread like wild fire. I look forward to watching you make a positive impact on this world.

Kyle Robisch

Hey thanks everyone for voting for me! If you haven’t already, please post your vote for me on the main thread with all the essays because the ones here don’t count towards the vote total!

Thanks for your support!!!