The Meaner Things

It’s great to know that government is teeming with social media professionals. Me, I’m still back in workforce 1.0, where people are using web platforms to book official travel and do some HR self-service, but the professionals who serve them in these and other administrative fields still keep paper files and don’t necessarily have exposure to social media or management support for forays into the brave new world of communicating with customers using new media tools. I would really like to know how others are using these tools at the most basic levels of internal customer service. (Then I want to find out when we rise up against E2 Solutions, but that may just be my personal bias.)

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Christopher Whitaker

The system I use for unemployment is from 1975. The technology is so far behind that I have to print reports on dead tree because I can’t pull it up on my screen. This makes for big boxes of reports piled up in the office. Luckily, in June we get a new web bases system that is web-based and is mostly paperless. Claimants can file claims and certify online now too. I’m hoping the new system gets us to a point where we can really be Gov 2.0