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The Merging of Epidemics in the Information Age – A Side Note

With so many people I know fighting the flu and our concerns about the H1N1 epidemic, I have been thinking about the Global Public Health Intelligence Network, GIPHIN, the Canadian’s based public health early warning systems, and the role it played during the SARS scare.

I first heard about GPHIN back in late 2005 and a I was very impressed when in 2006 I saw Larry Brilliant’s video Wants to Stop Pandemics where he explained how important a collaboration project like GPHIN is for all of us.

It is impossible to stop, much less prevent, an epidemic without everyone of us, not just those in the medical field, but ordinary individuals, playing a role in working together.

To play your part, please visit Center for Disease ControlNovel H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) , learn how CDC is using social media to deal with H1N1 and make sure you sing into their announcement services.

What is this all about?
The Collaborative Society Directory’s goal is to collect and understand information from different collaborative projects that bring together as participants entities from the three forces that shape our societies: public, private and non-profit. The goal of The Collaborative Society is to explore if such information can provide us with insights of what could be the characteristics that make a society or a community healthy.

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