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Private & Public Abundance: The Fuel Behind the United States’ 20th-Century Rise

I just returned from a (smooth and perfect) two-weeks cross country trip through Panama, my home country. The trip had multiple purposes including reconnecting with parts of the country I had not visited in over 15 years. But, an unexpected result from this much planned journey came from an unlikely source. While driving to theRead… Read more »

On Birth and Extintion of Digital Ecosystems

Our increasing participatory and interactive behavior in the Internet is evolving at such speed that our metamorphosis into digital species feels like it is happening overnight. We are collectively developing all sorts of digital ecosystems and new market laws where things are moving so fast that marketers have little time to find out what areRead… Read more »

The (Im)Balance of Social Forces – Part Two

As I mentioned in Part One of this post, the Collaborative Society’s main premise is that the (im)balance of role, responsibility and power that exists in a society between the three segments (government, non-profits and for-profits) could provide indicators and even predictors of that society’s health. The Collaborative Society focuses on these types of initiativesRead… Read more »

The (Im)Balance of Social Forces – Part One

We are experiencing impacting social imbalances everywhere. This is simply exemplified by the following partial list of events that happened during the last weeks: • The Climate Conference in Copenhagen (to me, an anticlimactic event) • The Healthcare Bill Showdown (to me, more of a giving-in event) • The Unemployment End of Year reports (thingsRead… Read more »

Will social media deliver on enterprise collaboration in 2010?

As the end-year reviews and new-year predictions and resolutions arrive in my inbox, I have been thinking about what has been the biggest impact or change in the collaboration arena. The biggest change I find is that the differentiation between social media software and collaboration applications has almost disappeared from the positioning messages. Traditional CollaborationRead… Read more »

EPEAT – Collaborating for the Environment

If you have experienced a successful outcome from a collaborative initiative, you understand what the commitment can achieve. However, most people have experienced unsuccessful collaboration, thus they come into projects with biases and pre-conceived low expectations for success. The job of the process facilitators is to manage those notions and foster real collaboration within theRead… Read more »

The Merging of Epidemics in the Information Age – A Side Note

With so many people I know fighting the flu and our concerns about the H1N1 epidemic, I have been thinking about the Global Public Health Intelligence Network, GIPHIN, the Canadian’s based public health early warning systems, and the role it played during the SARS scare. I first heard about GPHIN back in late 2005 andRead… Read more »

Collaborating for the Environment

Recently, during a conversation about on-line community management and growth, a top executive from a small collaboration software vendor told me that collaboration was just great team building. I understand how the difference between collaboration and team building can be blurry, but I walked away from that conversation feeling that vendors who believe such simplificationRead… Read more »

Twethics & Twetiquette?

Although my next post was scheduled to be Collaborating for the Environment as the follow-up to Chronocentrism and Social Entropy?, there is one common theme about respect that I am hearing from the amazing people behind the many projects under evaluation to be added into the directory that I wanted to comment about. This themeRead… Read more »