The Needs are Greater Than Ever

It has been just two days since Haiti was devastated by a catastrophic earthquake, the worst in the region for 200 years and it is estimated that one third of the country’s 9 million people may need emergency help. Time and again, Federal employees have stepped up to help people and communities in need and have raised more than $60 million to date for the 2009 CFCNCA.

There is still time to give.

The CFCNCA supports the many charitable organizations that are on the ground supplying disaster relief and development services to the region. These charities are approved for the CFCNCA through a rigorous process, so that you and your colleagues can feel good about your dollars going directly to charities serving people in need. Many of your co-workers may consider a donation to the CFCNCA to support relief and development efforts in Haiti and elsewhere. Spread the word that there is still time to give.

Donors can visit government, nonprofit and news websites to find out which charitable organizations are working in Haiti. Then they can go to or the Catalog of Caring to see which of these organizations are also participating in the 2009 CFCNCA and make a donation to one or many of these organizations using the Pledge Form or our convenient online e-Giving tool.

Your donation will go to the charities of your choice as unrestricted funds, allowing them the flexibility to use donations where they are most needed.

Don’t delay. The 2009 CFCNCA ends tomorrow at midnight.

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