Introducing Valerie Sandy

This is really for field ITS’ . . . I’d like to introduce Valerie Sandy to you. We were trying to bring her on board in time for the IT Summit; but hiring just doesn’t work fast. It’s a sloooooow process. Since you missed seeing her at the Summit, here’s a picture we just took less than 30 minutes ago. She’s on govloop too if any of you want to “friend” her.

And I’ll bet you’re wondering what’s so important about Valerie Sandy that she’s being introduced like this. Well – that’s because you all are going to be working closely with her. She’s working on the new Nationwide Help Desk contract as the Project Manager/COTR in charge of the contract; and she’s already developed some nifty workflows that I hope to push up to govloop and inSite some time real soon – like as soon as I get my hands on soft copies.

The nationwide Help Desk contract is intended to absorb a lot of the work for field offices that don’t have ITS coverage. I understand they’ll also be handling the Remedy end of it for field offices that don’t have ITS coverage, because Remedy licenses are only given to actual ITS’. And that’s also why the folks who are not actual ITS’ are not attending the Remedy training. Circular, isn’t it? But it makes sense.

Well, that’s enough for now. I hope all ya’ll are doing super-well; and that those of you who are ITS’ enjoy the Remedy training. All the best to you! – Lizette.

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