The new NAO publishing model – well my dream

How about doing something different?

Here are my starters for ten:

  • Opt out of the Official Publishing contract for House Papers e.g. for publishing VFM reports.
  • Negotiate direct with the House of Commons and find out what they really want. After all the NAO is part of the House so why not talk direct?
  • We could also talk direct with the various organisations who have subscriptions via their libraries and find out what they really want.
  • Print on demand obviously.
  • Become our own publishing house with an open publishing platform like the Guardian. Not using The Stationery Office or anything similar.
  • Use Digital Object Identifiers
  • Have our own ISBN.
  • All content with API stream.
  • All tables and charts easy to export by users to import into Word documents or slides.
  • All digital content have built in tracking so if a chart is exported we can track where it goes. (Not sure this technology exists yet)

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