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Do You Really Want User Feedback? Part 3

In this series of posts about feedback so far I have been talking about some external digital services. What about internal services? Surely you want some feedback on those as well? What kind of internal digital services could be relevant? Well, intranets jump to mind. So does your intranet allow colleagues to leave feedback onRead… Read more »

Can You Retrofit Your Colleagues for Digital?

It is a fairly standard challenge to be asked to make an organisation ‘go digital’. Or more specifically make the people working there use digital tools and engagement techniques. At an interview one of the most common question is ‘can you give an example of how you got the press office/senior management/policy officials to goRead… Read more »

Unconferences, unplugged and uncut

Have you ever been to one of those conferences where you spend a lot of money, sit in the audience, listen to ‘keynote speakers’ and wonder ‘what am I doing here, why did I ever think this was a good idea?’ If so, an unconference might be what you need without realising it. So whatRead… Read more »

So what did Govcamp ever do for us?

Its easy to pick holes in most things and I am pretty good at doing it myself. Indeed it is also easy to find fault with Govcamp and the unconference format; and I can certainly see some things we can improve on regarding organising the event. However that does sound a bit odd ‘organising anRead… Read more »

How to hack Parliament

Hacking Parliament might sound a bit drastic so I had better explain. I mean hacking in the software sense (good) of making a new application from existing bits and pieces. Ah. In fact I am referring to the Parlyhack of a few weeks ago that I attended over the weekend of 16-17 November. Hack eventsRead… Read more »

What if we were selling knowledge?

Pretty well my favourite blog post is where I asked what would you do differently if you got a £1 every time someone downloaded the pdf of your report. Quite a lot I expect. As they say in behaviour change circles, the ‘nudge’ would be a strong elbow in the ribs. But what are weRead… Read more »

Why bother improving our web analytics?

I get a number of colleagues asking ‘have you got the web stats on our report?’ To which I answer ‘of course I have, if I give them to you what are you going to do with them?’ Naturally I am being slightly flippant. Google Analytics is great for providing stats on individual outputs andRead… Read more »