The Pentagon Wants to Automate Cyber Defenses but not Robots, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news:

  • The Department of Defense is looking to use Big Data to automate its cyber defenses. More here.
  • The hacking collective Anonymous plans a massive worldwide protest on October 20 against surveillance. More here.
  • The White House has launched a resource page for developers that provides an accessible gateway to data and code assets freely-available to the public in an effort to utilize and contribute to the open source community. More here.
  • According to a Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General report, though the Federal Bureau of Investigation turned on its Sentinel case management system for all users in July, it abandoned several original requirements to do so. More here.
  • Though Department of Defense science advisers want robots to operate with greater autonomy, the Pentagon does not sufficiently trust the technology. More here.
  • The Department of Commerce Office of the Inspector General found “significant deficiencies” with National Telecommunications and Information Administration information technology. More here.
  • The House of Representatives hopes to add funding to Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity efforts as part of a continuing resolution for fiscal 2013. More here.
  • The Internal Revenue Service hopes to provide many of the tax services currently delivered by the private sector with self-service computer kiosks. More here.
  • South Korea and the United States are considering holding regular joint cyber warfare drills. More here.
  • Twitter has three days to turn over user data related to an Occupy Wall Street protester or be fined for contempt by a New York Court. More here.

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