The People Behind the Numbers

The 2010 CFCNCA hit the $20 million milestone!

Before this blog is written, posted and read by GovLoop users, we are confident Federal employees will have rallied again to hit the 2010 goal.

The power behind this machine is fueled by Federal employees who give their time, demonstrate their commitment and showcase their creativity to ensure success of the CFCNCA year after year. From tailgate parties to bake sales to talent shows, scores of Campaign Managers and thousands of volunteers are working tirelessly to plan agency events to reach the goal of $67 million by December 15.

By participating in the CFCNCA, you are supporting charities that serve the needy, comfort the ill, search for cures, protect the environment and reach out to help people in countless other ways. You are providing the promise of a better today and an even better tomorrow.

What a great message to send to the rest of the nation and the world. Federal employees are caring and resilient in tough times. They have dedicated their life to public service and are going the extra mile to help people and charities in need.

Hitting $20 million is an exciting milestone but considering the people behind the numbers, it’s no surprise. So let’s keep the momentum going! And when we hit the final goal, the largest ever, it’ll be no surprise how we got there… through people like you!

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