The Postal Service Is Not a GOP Target

Congressional Republicans Just Want You to Think It Is.

Unlike most Americans, many members of Congress have actually read the United States Constitution. They know what it would take to abolish the postal service and they do not intend to do it.

The Constitution requires Congress “To establish Post Offices and post Roads”. Thus, closing or privatizing the USPS would require a constitutional amendment. Despite a lot of hooting and hollering and speechifying, no one has ever proposed an amendment to do that.

Therefore, the speechifying is a load of bovine excrement. It’s another republitroll diversionary tactic meant to distract us from their real agenda: abolishing the American middle class.

They know how important the postal service is to us, both as a service provider and an employer. So they try to scare us into believing that it will disappear. They use divide, overwhelm, and conquer tactics to bulldoze us into wasting time on many other issues that either don’t exist or they couldn’t care less about.

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