The Role of a Mediator


As a mediator I literally stand in the middle to help others resolve a dispute, by creating a safe environment where people talk and then they listen. My role is to put aside my own beliefs and concentrate on what the people involved are willing, and able to do to resolve their dispute.  I do not decide who is right or who is wrong.  I help people get a better mutual understanding of their situation and help them to discuss possible options to solve their problem.

Confidentiality, control of the over the resolution, and mutual participation are hallmarks of mediation.  Because the participants craft their own solution, compliance with any agreement is usually much higher than with other imposed solutions.  As a certified mediator I am a neutral third party who is brought in to facilitate a structured conversation between disputing parties.

Compromise, negotiation, listening and structure all contribute to a successful outcome.  Parties are helped to focus on defining their issues rather than focusing on the dynamics of their disagreement.  The structure of the mediation allows participants to look at the content of the disagreement so that they can come to a mutually acceptable outcome.

Can you think of a dispute you had recently that could have benefited from a structured conversation?

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