The Routine: Boring or Necessary?

I’ve got the exact amount of time it takes me to get dressed, get ready for work, eat breakfast, and get to work, as well as the order in which to do them in (keeping in mind that dressing always comes before the commute to work), down to a by-the-minute science. This is probably the most important routine of my day, because I’m groggy and don’t feel like thinking in the morning. If I have to think about the simplest task I want to just go back to sleep.

As I get to work, I have a list of set tasks to get done on a given day. They change every day of the week, but there they
are, and I can count on being productive because I know what my goals for the day are. I also tend to finish those tasks early, and can trust the office Fishbowl to supply me with a random task if I have the free time. I know that what I pull from the Fishbowl isn’t going to be revolutionary (I’ve yet to pull one that’s asked me to Occupy anything), but it is going to be different, and there’s a strange level of satisfaction in that.

The point is, I enjoy a certain level of routine. I like certain things to be expected of, from, and for me. But I also enjoy the spontaneous. For everyone the appropriate level of routine is different. I think that I would lean slightly towards spontaneity if put on a scale, but only if it’s after 9 AM.

So, what do you think of routines? Do you prefer to go to work, do your tasks, then go home, or are you looking to take over for Anderson Cooper?

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Chris IRS Recruiter

I fall somewhere in the middle. I like routine to a degree, but I also like the fact that no two days are ever the same – it keeps me engaged and prevents boredom.

Corey McCarren

Yeah, I don’t think anyone wants any 3 AM phone calls to go in to work, but doing the same exact task every day can be just as frustrating. One thing that’s routine that I do like is knowing the hours that I’ll be in and out of work. Unfortuantely, in my ideal career that probably wouldn’t be the case!