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The “Secret Sauce” to Successful Government Projects

When Debbie Conway was hired as a Clark County, Nevada recorder in 2007, she had a daunting task lying ahead of her — sorting out an office with a 3-year data backlog and a tiny budget. Despite all odds, Conway sorted this mess out in six months, successfully bringing the system up to date. This work landed her a spot on Government Technology’s Top 25 in IT list.

Conway tells Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER Program the different techniques and technologies she adopted to not only bring the system up to date, but also streamline and improve the process for future records.However, in the end when Dorobek asked her what the “secret sauce” to successful government projects was, her answer had nothing to do with technology.

Debbie Conway by cdorobek

“I surrounded myself with good people…folks that know how to get you to the next level, where you are trying to go.”Conway picked a diverse team with differing job titles – private industry, auditors, certified fraud examiners, people with degrees in accounting, and worked together effectively as a team to get the job done quickly, and efficiently.

To Listen to Debbie’s full interview you can catch the entire radio show at GovLoop Insights or you can subscribe to our iTunes channel.

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Josh Nankivel

No one can deny that having a good team is critical to project success. But what I really loved in the full interview was the fact that Debbie experienced the customer’s problems first-hand and so had a good perspective from which to attack the issues.

Jay Johnson

Good processes won’t do you any good without people to perform them. People are the real value-added part of any organization.