The Top 10 Reasons to Hi5 Five People Today #Hi5Fridays

Fellow GovLoopers:

Last Friday at the Next Generation of Government Summit, we launched #Hi5Fridays. The concept is simple: Hi5 at least 5 people each Friday.

Here are 10 reasons to High5 five people today:

  1. Hi5’s rock!
  2. You worked hard this week
  3. You will make five people feel great
  4. It’s a great way to build your teams spirit
  5. It’s an excuse to go for a “productive” walk
  6. Some people don’t get thanked or given positive reinforcement. Hi5’s do that.
  7. It’s super easy and fun
  8. It will make you feel good about yourself
  9. Most anti-huggers will Hi5
  10. It’s Friday!

Here is how to High5:

  1. Walk up to someone
  2. Say it’s #Hi5Friday
  3. Raise your hand
  4. Give them a Hi5
  5. Tell them to go Hi5 at least five other people and repeat this each Friday
  6. Then you repeat at least four more times.

Join the Hi5Fridays Group and post pictures and videos of your Hi5 awesomeness.

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

This reminds me of that guy who went around the world hugging people. I guess with all the senstitivities, we don’t do that, but it’s a shame! Unfortunately, if you are teleworking, this high five stuff doesn’t work (unless you do it with your dog).

Lori Bills

I love it. I work remotely occasionaly I also work with many other peers who work remotely so I just changed the font in my e-mail under wingdings or webdings and found a hand with 5 fingers extended so I gave my co-worker a virtual “high five” . I’ll keep spreading the good energy. Thanks and High5Friday back to ya!

Carol Davison

I actually received TWO HUGS from my mentee today. (Its great being a mentor! Signed up yet?) I also gave my Tater two dog bones while I petted his head so I could enjoy him chewing them more. It’s been a tough two weeks. Mom had two “minor heart” surgeries I had FOUR dog sitters, and work stress.

Joseph Porcelli

Folks, let’s start using #Hi5Fridays as @JessicaNortley is already using #High5Fridays. She’s got a good thing going and I don’t want to dilute.

Barry Williams

I’m a glass-half-full-type person. However, we have to be careful not to obscure the fact that you can’t make someone else feel something. The other person chooses to respond to you. So, it’s good to provide many positive options for someone to choose from.

Katrina Jones

A good Hi-Five can totally change your mood and alter your outlook on the day. More Hi-five’s are needed in the workplace.

Richelle Koffman

This is a fantastic idea. Here at MDT we’re often walking in the hallways looking at the floor trying not to make eye contact. I try to smile and say hi to everyone, but this is even more engaging. I’m sure in the beginning, everyone will look at me like I’m crazy and think, “sheesh, what’s HR up to now?” 🙂