The trials and tribulations of keeping up…or is it just about managing expectations

And if you were the only one in your office who had web software, the volume would be staggering!! Or, is it just about managing expectations. When folks see the web, they inevitably believe that it is someone else’s information. They are not connected to it, just being serviced by it. I guess that’s a good thing, in one way. the web should absolutely provide service and information. On the other hand, I wonder sometimes, how can we convince those readers that they are actually reading their own information, that it is up to them to make sure it is current, that their message is crisp, that they know who their audience is. I’ve always believed that the key to good management is learning how best to motivate and the approach is as variable as the individual. So Do IT. Approach your organizations!!! Know your culture and motivate it. Tap the un-tapped energy by giving folks tools that they find inviting, stimulating and bottom line, be fun! Otherwise, you are simply overwhelmed by the power of “do it for me”.

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