The UK G-Cloud program

Hey folks

Wanted to alert you to a new group: G-Cloud!

This group is to focus on G-Cloud programs, headlined by the UK initiative. See my blog providing a synopsis of this here:

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Awesome – will check out.

Also you should cross-post your blog on GovLoop. It’s super easy via RSS

Details are pretty simple – let me know if you have any questions

When you visit the above URL, you’ll be prompted to enter your email and password for a Google account (this is because our importer app is hosted on google app engine ).

Once signed in, you need to authorize the sync server to connect to GovLoop. You do this by clicking the ‘Add your credentials’ link and entering your email and password for GovLoop.

After you’ve linked to your GovLoop account, you can click the “Add a feed” link. On this page you’ll be prompted to add an RSS feed. Once you add a feed it will be checked once an hour for new content. When new content is found, it will be uploaded to GovLoop under the members account.