There are Many Advantages on Hiring a Veteran

Useful Recruiting Tools to Help you Find Veterans Looking for Jobs.

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, hiring Veterans is of primary importance for Coley GSA and we believe that they make good employees. Therefore, we would like to share some information and a number of useful recruiting tools and databases geared towards helping you find Veterans who are looking for jobs.

Top 10 Advantages to Hiring a Veteran from the These great Americans are the 1% of the population who volunteered to serve our country in time of war. Not only is hiring them a great way to say thank you for their service and sacrifice, but it also brings many benefits to your company.

Why Hire our military veterans? Here are some benefits:

  • Training and Education – The U.S. government is the largest training provider in the country! Benefit from the skills-based training that has been provided to exiting Service members across all branches of our Armed Forces.
  • Disciplined – Discipline is ingrained into Service members on Day One.
  • Team Players – Military veterans understand the importance of working as a team.
  • Mission-Focused – Military veterans will not stop until the mission is complete.
  • Leadership – Leadership is a central tenet of military service. Military veterans know how to set high standards and “walk the talk.”
  • Performance Under Pressure – Service members have proved their mettle under the most trying conditions.
  • Problem Solvers – Military veterans are adept problem solvers who have demonstrated their ability to solve challenging and complex issues with minimal guidance.
  • Communication skills – Military leaders understand the importance of effective communications to mission accomplishment.
  • Dependable –You can count on military veterans to do what is asked of them, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Diversity – Service members reflect the diversity that has made the U.S. a beacon of freedom to other nations around the globe.

In addition to the many positive attributes associated with veterans, hiring them in 2013 could also qualify your company for several tax credits:

  • Under the law, the “Returning Heroes Tax Credit,” businesses that hire veterans will receive a $2,400 per veteran tax credit for veterans unemployed for four weeks or longer and a $5,600 per veteran credit for hiring veterans unemployed for more than six months.
  • Under the “Wounded Warriors Tax Credit,” businesses could get up to $9,600 per disabled veteran hired if the veteran was unemployed longer than six months and has a service-related injury.

So the next time you have a job opening, we hope you use the list of resources we’ve assembled to help you. Download the Resource List Here.

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