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Things Change Even If They’re Just Right


You may have know my love, nay — obsession — with Just Right, the greatest cereal ever created.

See, it was simply delicious and ridiculously good for you. (Check out the nutritional facts at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_Right).

I ate this cereal everyday, sometimes 6 bowls a day, from ages 8 to 15. Unfortunately, Americans lost their taste (or never had a taste) for Just Right, so Kellogg’s stopped selling it in the US. (I think I kept Just Right market alive for years in the US).

So what does this have to do with contracting? Well not that much, I just wanted to talk about my love for this great cereal. But if I had to draw a lesson, it’s that things change. Your contract may be going strong, then suddenly the government’s requirement changes and you receive a notice for termination for convenience (read FAR 49.502). So be on your toes and know that you have to adjust to changing circumstances.

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