Things Still Moving Out at Liquid Robotics: They are looking for world class talent

We have written before about the incredibly innovative and virtuous capabilities of Liquid Robotics (see our Update on Liquid Robotics, for example).

This really interesting company, led by CEO Bill Vass, is making huge inroads in sensor deployments in some of the most difficult to monitor parts of our planet. That is, the vast, open ocean. Liquid Robotics has developed a maritime robot that can travel thousands of miles, carry different payloads, energize itself from ocean wave movement, and transmit large amounts of data in real time to its users. This surfboard looking robot is called Wave Glider, and is bound to change the way data is collected from the oceans. Liquid Robotics is also a leader in big data management.

Judging from recent postings of their Job Openings, this firm continues to innovate and has a great roadmap of future developments. This is a fantastic place for world class technologists seeking opportunities to work with other world class best professionals (like, for example, James Gosling). This is a fun company that is changing the world for the better and if you have skills in Big Data, Autonomous Robotics and related IT professions you should definitely check them out.

For a list of their current openings see:

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