Tobacco Control State Highlights 2010

Tobacco Control State Highlights 2010

A new report released by CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health confirms that smoking rates can be significantly reduced if high-impact strategies such as higher cigarette prices, stronger smoke-free laws, aggressive media campaigns, and increased funding for tobacco control programs are implemented across the country.

Tobacco Control State Highlights 2010 guides states in developing and implementing high-impact strategies and assessing their performance. This report also provides state-specific data intended to—

1. Highlight how some states are making great strides in reducing smoking rates using evidence-based strategies while also showing that more work needs to be done in other states;

2. Enable readers to see how their own states perform; and

3. Help policymakers with decision making.

Interested organizations can add a Tobacco Control State Highlights 2010 widget.

Questions concerning this report can be sent by e-mail to [email protected].

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