A Top 10 Advice List for Graduates

It’s graduation season, and, as I am now the librarian of my high school, I feel the need to impart library wisdom  to departing seniors for both college and the work world.

I attended a great presentation by research librarians at THE Ohio State University, and the librarian said that they do not see enough freshmen students asking for help, because they think that they, by virtue of their intelligence, should be able to figure out how to research in college.  She said her best piece of advice for students was, “Smart people ask for help.”

In that vein, my amazing library aide/partner-in-crime Katrina, came up with a bookmark that we gave to our senior students as they checked out with us in the library.  Here is her/our advice:

1. Ask for help!

2. Try new things.

3. Get involved.

4. Budget wisely.

5. Buy used.

6. Explore.

7. Use a calendar.

8. Be friendly.

9. Get some sleep.

10. READ!

We ended with an amazing quote by Albert Einstein: “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.”

What are your favorite pieces of advice for graduates, or for new colleagues entering the work world?

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