Top 10 Intuitive Updates for iOS5

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If the iPhone 4S is your first iPhone, you have probably already realized how awesome it is and wondered to your self, “Why did I wait so long?” If you upgraded to the new iPhone from a previous model you are enjoying the added feature of Siri, the faster processor, and the better camera. But if you have been a loyal Apple customer over the years, but don’t have the extra income to justify a full priced upgrade from the iPhone 4 to the 4S, you can still enjoy the benefits of updating to iOS5.

When Apple introduced the iPhone initially it was the best thing out there. It arguably still is, but Android fans will tell you that Google has made phones better. They will tell you that the things missing from iOS that you want are available on Android. With iOS 5, I believe Apple has finally fixed all of the little nuances that you always wished you had of your iPhone, but weren’t willing to trade your user experience for the inferior Android experience. Below are my top ten updates that iOS 5 has that have made the iPhone experience even better. Many of these are things you have always wanted, and you might not even know some of them are there.

1. Access your camera from the lock screen. How often do you turn on your phone simply to take a photo. This just cut a few second out.

2. Use the volume up button to snap a photo. This makes it feel more like a real camera, and can help you stabilize your photos.

3. Flag your emails on your phone. Something that was missing for a long time. Great surprise to see.

4. Create folders for your photos. Again, overdue, but welcomed.

5. NewsStand. Keep all of your news apps in one place, and keep you subscriptions up to date. I really like the look of this feature.

6. Erase individual numbers from your recent calls. I bet you didn’t even know your could do that now, or that you couldn’t before without erasing all calls.

7. Notification Center. Probably one of my favorite additions. Access calendar, emails, Tweets, Facebook, weather, and stock quotes all from one screen. The banners and Alerts are awesome too.

8. Reminders. Another great addition. Keep track of shopping lists, to do lists, and have your phone remind you when you enter the location.

9. Twitter Integration. Easily tweet your photos without opening the app.

10. Automatic Wireless Backup. Arguably one the most important features. Back up your information automatically while you sleep. Never lose another contact when you lose or break your phone and forget to back it up for the last month.

And one more…

11. Tabbed browsing for Safari. I forgot about this one initially, but very important to the user experience and something that was missing before from Safari.

These are some of my favorite updates. What are some of yours? There may even be some that I have not even discovered yet. Let me know in the comments below.

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