10/28/2011 Reseach and Best Practices eNewsletter


Tricks of the social media trade(10/26/2011) – A NewForeSeestudy Social Media Best Practices for the Federal government analyzes
the state of social media in the federal government. Tips for boosting
social media presence include the use of the Twitter “favorite” feature
content and the use of playlists to organize videos on YouTube.

The Tablet Revolution(10/25/2011) – Eighteen months after the introduction of the iPad,11% of U.S. adults now own a tablet computer of some kind. A new report from PEW Research shows that one of the most popular tablet activities is reading news. Infographic

Best Practices

New Website Governance Concepts(Oct 26, 2011) – Your website governance is happening whether or not you know it — perhaps not always with organizational focus and intent. Here’s a not-so-scary, not-so-dull framework to help you think about (then manage) your website and all its many parts.

Still not convinced Social Media is important?(10/25/2011) -FEMA is developing a next- generation infrastructure for alert and warning capabilities. Cell phones serve as data centers, capable of quickly assessing and storing a large amount of information and social media will facilitate the vital two-way communication between emergency management agencies and the public.

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