Top 10 Reasons to Focus on Smaller Government Agencies?

We’re fortunate and proud to serve some of the largest state and local government agencies in the world. We launched the Civic Cloud to serve them AND to better meet the needs of smaller agencies.

A lot of people make the assumption that smaller companies or in our world, smaller government agencies, have smaller problems than their larger peers. That’s really not true. They deal with the same issues and complexities (perhaps not at the same scale), but they operate without the resources – people or money – that their larger brethren enjoy. The implication is that they have a smaller margin for error. Cloud computing helps level the playing field by requiring less up-front investment and much less labor and expertise to deploy and manage systems. And, cloud computing is safe, proven and reliable. By procuring and deploying government systems through the cloud, agencies can focus on government business and serving citizens rather than managing their agency business systems. With cloud vendors taking on the responsibility of managing and deploying cloud-based systems, government agencies is that they can get more out of their people and more effectively manage their short and long-term cost structure (think: pensions).

Why the expanded focus on smaller agencies? There are a lot of smaller agencies that historically haven’t had a lot of good technology choices. Now they do. That represents a large and really interesting addressable market for us. Here’s my take on the Top 10 reasons why expanding our focus on smaller agencies is good for us, good for governing and good for our partners:

1. We fit your technical and business needs
2. We fit into your budget
3. You can pay as they go – there are no up-front hurdles
4. You’re ready for cloud computing
5. You need to better engage and serve their citizens
6. Managing labor and resources is the only way to can deliver more with less
7. There is a large addressable and underserved market
8. We have the opportunity to build a vibrant ecosystem-based business
9. That ecosystem will build predictability into our business model and results
10. This becomes a virtuous cycle – building our business means we invest in delivering more civic good

So I ask you, how else can we help your smaller agency?

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