Top 5 IPad Apps for Government Contractors

Are you still on the fence about getting an iPad because you’re not sure how you can use it? Like most, you probably view it as just a big iPod Touch or iPhone. I felt the same way…until I bought mine.

Armed with the right applications, an iPad can truly change the way you live and work. As a government contractor, it is essential to have key resources on hand at all times. My iPad has become a go-to resource, and the applications highlighted below have completely revolutionized the way I work.

With these apps, I am able to do everything work-related on my iPad without actually having to touch a desktop computer. Let me be clear: the iPad is not a replacement for your desktop; however, it is a great option for staying connected, productive, and efficient while you’re away from your desk.

Here are a list of iPad apps I use on a daily basis for work:

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