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Public Access to Tax Parcel: There’s an App for That!

I’ve talked about how ArcGIS can make tax parcel mapping a cinch for local governments, and here’s some great news! There is now an app to access tax parcel information. Check out the blog post below to find out more: Originally posted in the ESRI Local Government Blog. Parcel Value for iPhone is an ArcGISRead… Read more »

You know it ain’t easy…

what the kids want We’ve just finished up another Local by Social, this time for the North East. We were hosted by Sunderland council at Southwick Community Primary School. We had an amazing range of speakers. We had some really cool ideas developed by parents of kids at the school beforehand – and the eventRead… Read more »

Windows Phone State & Local Government Apps Contest Winners Revealed!

Kim Nelson, Microsoft US Public Sector executive director of eGovernment I just celebrated my fifth anniversary at Microsoft. In those five years, my two daughters finished four years of high school and are now both in college. Like most parents of teenagers working at Microsoft, I’ve had to listen my girls bemoan the fact thatRead… Read more »

Research and Best Practices eNewsletter

Research Federal Cloud Computing Strategy (02/08/2011) – Designed as a guide to help agencies move to a cloud computing environment. Strategy defines cloud computing, outlines the decision framework for cloud migration, cites case examples and resources, offers strategies on leveraging cloud computing, and identifies government roles and responsibilities for driving cloud adoption. Top MobileRead… Read more »

Procurement 3.0? Yeah, There Is an App for That!

Rosslyn Unveils First Real-Time Application RA.Pid Extract Studio; Enables Business and IT Users to Automatically Extract Any Data from SAP in One-Click Complete Article Here “RA.Pid for Excel lowers the barriers to entry for mid-size companies to introduce a comprehensive spend analysis package making the job of analyzing data easier,” said Steve Bowdler, Group ProcurementRead… Read more »

Promoting Innovation and Collaboration in Government with Google Apps

The Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) has implemented Google Apps for Government. ACUS is an independent federal agency dedicated to creating a public-private partnership designed to make government work better. ACUS has had a long history of saving the government and taxpayers money. In 2009, ACUS was revived by Congress after a 15-yearRead… Read more »

Automatic app looks to improve Boston streets

Last week, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino announced a prototype mobile application that can detect potholes automatically, without having to manually report it to the city or pullover to take a picture of the roadside crater. Dubbed, Street Bump, the app is part of a crowdsourcing effort that will launch later this spring to an internationalRead… Read more »