Top 6 Skills of a Great Web Analyst

Garry Przyklenk writes:

“What is one of the biggest problems in online marketing? Bryan Eisenberg puts it best: it’s our critically high demand for skilled people.

Why? One of the root causes is the supply and demand of data. As data becomes an exceedingly cheap commodity to online marketing professionals, the sheer supply of data creates a significant problem.

We can’t find enough skilled people to read, react, and respond to easy to spot risks or significant growth opportunities, and it will cost online business a lot of money this year.

The short-term solution is to take a risk and find skilled people who don’t fit the mold of a typical web analyst. Take chances on individuals who may not be perfect for the role but can be mentored; those who exhibit some of the best attributes of an analyst, including:”

Is your agency addressing these issues in web analytics? How? Is your agency addressing them?

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