Tracking Your Health: Jawbone’s New Up Wristband

Many of us know about various Bluetooth devices (e.g. headsets, etc.) that allow us to connect with technology wirelessly. Well now, Jawbone, one of the manufacturers of the headsets we know and love, has come up with a way to track our health statistics and patterns with similar technology.

Introducing the Up wristband.

Announced this morning, the wearable device is supposed to help track your activities (what you eat, sleep) as well as provide prompts to move and get active if you’re sitting at your desk for too long.

Design meets technology meets health.

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Jeff Ribeira

I saw this on Mashable yesterday. I’m sure there will be a few bugs at the beginning, but definitely seems like an pretty amazing piece of tech that has the potential to change the way we take care of ourselves. Really considering being an early adopter on this one…