Transforming Blood Sucking Energy!

I wanted to get your attention with that metaphor: a vampire sucking blood for speakers, presenters and trainers sucking the energy out their audience or trainees and using it by transforming that “blood” energy into life giving nervous energy.

University speech students always want to take on the audience that’s already on their side when they should know it’s the audience that’s against them that will make them stronger.

If you’ve never heard of it before… When giving a speech you want the audience that is against you, (1) so you have someone to oppose you, and (2) you have the opposition to suck their energy out.

It’s true. Any stressful situation that doesn’t leave you sitting in a pool in the corner will make you rise to the occasion. Seasoned speakers know this.

Actors on stage know this. Stage fright, notwithstanding, they crave a full house. For them, this is not less is more. Why do you think actors are always peeking out from the curtain? They want, they need the energy. For they are vampires in need of blood energy, but not so gory. And, they aren’t particular; they’ll take anyone who’ll listen. For actors though, it’s a one-sided argument in their favor. It’s the fear of the many versus the lessor fear of a few. The reward is the heightened with more people watching. There is more stress.

It’s a matter of energy.

Now, I don’t know the physics of it; maybe the energy factor is just a myth or something I made up, but it seems to work. Let’s say the audience is in favor of whatever it is you are selling. “Now, wait,” they say, “that was too easy.” And, then they begin to question every word you say. These were the people on your side, remember.

Those against are going to wait to hear what you have to say until you prove them wrong, which is what you plan to do. They are already second guessing you, but then they did that a long time ago. Now, the situation’s new. You’re a new face. Maybe you have new ideas. They’re beginning to listen. Who knows? You’re a little nervous. Use that nervous energy as you’ve been taught to make yourself stronger.

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