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What’s Missing in Professional Development

When I look at plans for Professional Development, I think we are missing the point. We make it all about the individual shaping his or her future. There should be more to it if one takes the notion, professional development should involve the people who have a say in a person’s career. Organizations say, maybeRead… Read more »

Respect for Millennials

Our current generation of millennial professionals will make up the majority of the workplace in the next twenty years. Employers report millennials aren’t ready for work–that in management and leadership areas they only succeed because they are bright achievers. So far. We have the power to change that. It’s not anyone’s fault–everything is happening soRead… Read more »

Rating Training: The How-To of What Not to Do

We know training is important to both organizations and employees, yet it is often seen by workers and supervisors as extra work of no real value. It interrupts the workflow. It is the immediate tangible evaluations are the most important. The effectiveness of training should matter. That’s what we tell ourselves and, yet, we hand out trainer and trainingRead… Read more »

Failure Résumés: A Training Guide for Success

Who says your failures can’t lead to success? Employers it seems. We are fond of saying, “Failure is not an option.” And, “when it’s rough, the tough get going.” That may be a positive result of the United States unemployment situation and lagging economy. Today’s unemployed may have failed in nailing a specific job orRead… Read more »

When the World Stopped Listening…

You wouldn’t think that not listening to someone could change the world, but it did. In fact, not paying attention almost destroyed it completely. Yet, in the near future, making personal contact or socializing without sanction would be a capital crime punishable by deletion. Ironically, it would be breaking that law that also saved theRead… Read more »

Is Training Airport Security a Dirty Word?

It seems the Transportation Security Administration or TSA does not train its agents in any of the soft training skills. Is “nice” a dirty word? It is a four letter word, but come on! I’m not being insensitive. I know the TSA has had a rough time of it, especially recently when they lost oneRead… Read more »

How to Train Shy, Introverted People

Do we treat shy or introverted people any different from other trainees? We should. This relates back to my differentiated learning post. This will be a short blog–especially short for me. Everyone has encountered that person at work who doesn’t look at you, stays buried in paperwork or the computer, sneaks off to lunch andRead… Read more »

Differentiated and Self-Paced Learning

It’s easy to understand the terms “differentiated” and “self-paced learning.” Montessori and other private schools have used these learning techniques for years, but it is beginning to sound like public schools may be getting the same treatment if higher education has its way. However, it is a big change for the public schools. Probably evenRead… Read more »

The Process Made Easy

The Only Form of Problem-Solving …What would you say if I said there are no secret processes to be had–just the basic process we can apply to every plan we have to make and every problem we have to solve? I hope you would be flabbergasted, but believe me when I say it is true.Read… Read more »