Trending Now: The Public Sector Focuses on Customer Service

Daryl Covey, an experienced service manager with over thirty-eight years of public sector service, brought together federal customer service managers from all lines of business. The group collaboratively generated a collection of customer service “best practices” for government employees. Covey shares his findings and the findings of these experts in his new book, Government Customer Service Standards

Covey spoke to Chris Dorobek of the DorobekINSIDER about his book and its implications for service across phone, web, email, and in-person interactions between government employees and customers.

The group acknowledged the classic battle for government: effectiveness v. efficiency. By this Covey means “effectiveness in how well we satisfy the customer,” and “efficiency in how we utilize resources doing that.” In this project, the group tried to put this battle aside and think from the customer’s point of view of what is expected of government.

Some topics the book tackles include performance measurement IBR menus, email responses, use of tracking numbers to save customers from repeating themselves.

“It’s essential to monitor the quality of services and the satisfaction of customers.”

Check out Covey’s book, Government Customer Service Standards, to learn more!

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