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Reviewing Government Customer Service

Usually, when we hear the word ‘customer’, we think of patrons of for-profit businesses that provide services, ranging from Walmart, to small local coffee shops, all the way to Bain & Co. However, the U.S. government has customers as well – they’re just not often referred to as customers, because they compromise the whole population.Read… Read more »


I was invited to a meeting where the guy at the front of the room was trying to improve group performance by talking himself into a froth. He had invented a ratio and convinced himself that a three percent improvement would mean something, otherwise they were going our of business. When somebody loses it emotionally,Read… Read more »

Is Your Agency the “Happiest Place on Earth?”

Mickey and Minnie Mouse, twirling teacups, fireworks, Space Mountain and Cinderella. These are just a few of the memorable attractions you’ll find at the happiest place on earth – Walt Disney World. The dream of visiting this magical theme park is a wish that thousands children, and adults (guilty as charged!), around the globe hopeRead… Read more »

open311 Use Cases

Exciting new advancements are taking place in the world of open311, which is a data standard that various applications can be built on. A number of open311-compliant open source and commercial applications allow data to be easily shared and used by each other, such as CRMs, mobile reporting apps, and other web interfaces displaying reportRead… Read more »

Government Customer Satisfaction Levels Leave Room for Improvement

Last week, the Federal Consulting Group (FCG) hosted the 2014 Government Customer Satisfaction Forum. The program was jam-packed with public sector and private sector experts, including: Ross Smith from the Office of Technology for the Veterans Administration spoke on his efforts to increase satisfaction of different tech-related interactions Dr. Forrest Morgeson with the American CustomerRead… Read more »

Getting More Revenue: UK’s HM Revenue & Customs Case Study

At this year’s UK digital communications event, “Reaching More People: Transforming Public Service Delivery with Collaborative Communications”, staff from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the UK’s tax authority (think IRS for the UK), spoke about their agency’s efforts to reach more people in a more effective way in their presentation, “Central Government Success Story: HMRC”.Read… Read more »

2014 Customer Service Culture

Business leaders have to create an environment that motivates employees to want to take care of customers. A strong company culture is now one of the key criteria for employees when choosing where they want to work. Once employees join your organization, your company culture will have a direct impact on how they work forRead… Read more »